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       EIRIGBA actively responds to the initiatives of the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to promote educational cooperation within the region, strengthens exchanges in basic education, promotes each other, supports cooperation in running schools, and jointly builds superior disciplines, laboratories and research centres, etc.



  1. 教學方法的研究和經驗分享;

  2. 組織老師和學科專家開發新教材和教學方法,並進行推廣;

  3. 籌辦灣區內中小學老師和學生經常性的互訪和深入的交流;

  4. 推動跨區學校締結成姊妹校,相互促進。

      Working Objectives:

  1. Teaching methods research and experience sharing;

  2. Organize experts to develop teaching materials and methods and promote them;

  3. To organize regular in-depth exchanges between teachers and students of schools in the GBA;

  4. Encourage cross-district schools to form sister schools and promote each other.

Member of the board


汪長禹先生 -- 沙龍電影集團公司董事長。汪先生現任中國電影基金會專家委員會之顧問、香港貿易發展局娛樂業諮詢委員會委員、香港國際電影節協會有限公司董事。汪先生參與及服務於多個亞洲的投資集團,致力為年青人創造發展機會。

Mr. Wang Changyu -- Chairman of Salon Film Group. Mr. Wang is currently an adviser to the Expert Committee of the China Film Foundation, a member of the Entertainment Industry Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, and a director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited. Mr. Wang is involved in and serves on a number of investment groups in Asia dedicated to creating development opportunities for young people.


陳詠梅博士 -- 曾在香港入境事務處服務二拾八年,離開公務員隊伍前任入境事務處助理處長,主管信息技術。任內參與過多項入境處大型計劃,回歸前後她四出為特區護照爭取免簽證待遇,參與策劃及開發智能身份證,推出投資移民、優才和輸入內地人才等計劃,為內地與香港的人才流動奠下法理基礎。現專注教育創新和青年發展的工作。

Dr Chan Wingmei - Retired from the civil Service after 28 years' service with the Hong Kong Immigration Department. Former Assistant Director of Immigration, Information Technology. During her tenure, she was involved in a number of major Immigration Department projects. Before and after the handover, she campaigned for visa-free access for HKSAR passports, participated in the planning and development of Smart identity cards, and launched investment immigration, talent quality and import of Mainland talents schemes, laying a legal basis for the flow of talent between the Mainland and Hong Kong. Now focus on education innovation and youth development work.

黃仲翹博士 -- 黃仲翹博士是永泰信息技術集團的創始人。永泰在香港、中國內地和美國設有公司,主營軟件業務。黃博士積極參與教育工作,擔任大學生和研究生導師。現任香港中文大學信息工程系顧問委員會主席,香港城市大學數學系顧問委員會主席,香港大學計算機科學系顧問委員會委員。曾出任北師大與香港浸會大學的聯合國際學院(珠海) 科技學部顧問委員會主席,香港中文大學,工程學院顧問委員會主席,香港科技大學,計算機科學系顧問委員會委員,香港理工大學,計算機科學系、數學系顧問委員會委員,香港職訓局、資訊科技訓練發展委員會委員。

Dr. Huang Zhongqiao -- The founder of Yongtai Information Technology Group. Wing Tai has operations in Hong Kong, China and the United States and focuses on the software business. Dr. Huang is actively involved in education as a mentor to university and graduate students. He is currently Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Department of Information Engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Department of Mathematics of the City University of Hong Kong, and member of the Advisory Board of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Hong Kong. Chairman of the Advisory Board of Science and Technology Division of Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Engineering, Member of the Advisory Board of the Department of Computer Science of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, member of the Advisory Board of the Department of Computer Science and Department of Mathematics of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Member, Hong Kong Vocational Training Council, Information Technology Training and Development Committee.

Hide and Seek

Advisory Committee Members



Prof. Meng, Mei Ling Helen

Patrick Huen Wing Ming Professor of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management (CUHK)



Hon Lai Tung Kwok GBS, IDSM, JP

Member of Legislative Council

Former Secretary of Security and Director of Immigration



Ms. Lam Pui Tak MH

CEO Hong Kong Institute for Promotion of Chinese Culture

Former Principal Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Yuen Long)



Dr. Cheung, Chak Chung Ray

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering (CityU)



Mr Kwok Wing Keung BBS, MH, JP

Principal Law Ting Pong Secondary School

Chairman of Association of Tai Po District Secondary School Principals

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