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18 Aug 2020


地址: 香港九龍宋皇臺道68號飛達工商業中心1字樓C座

The Future Education Centre under EIRI-GBA will have its official opening ceremony on 18 Aug 2020. Please come and join us on that day.

Address: Unit C, 1/F, Freder Centre, 68 Sung Wong Toi Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong    


1.「Digital Citizen」: 本港教師及教育機構教育技術能力提升培訓(網絡與面授培訓,為期6個月)。

2.「未來教育研學學習系列活動」: 組織本港教師及教育機構到訪中國及美國等教育技術應用的地區實地考察

3. 中國國國際教育技術論壇。

4. 粤港澳大湾區青年领袖峰会會-教育创創新金融論壇论。

5. 國際新興市場三十國經濟發展論壇教育高峰會。

Watch out for the following programmes, the details of which will be announced soon:

  1. 「Digital Citizen」: Training for local teachers and education institutes for digital skills enhancement (online and face-to-face training for 6 months)

  2. 「Future Education Research Learning Series Activities」: organizing local teachers and education institutes to visit education technology application areas in China and the US to learn and research on live cases. (2 tours will be organized in 6 months)

  3. China International Education Technology Forum

  4. Greater Bay Area Youth Leadership Summit – Education Innovation Finance Forum

  5. International Emerging Market 30 Countries Financial Development Forum – Education Summit

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